Salt Pans

In some areas of the Malta and Gozo islands the stone coast looking like a curious checker-board network can be found. Although the networks looks rather strange, its origin and destination is rather clear – it was created for the collection of sea salt.

The usage of the network is rather clear and simple – the cells are filled by sea water and are left for some time for the water to evaporate. Than the crystals of the salt remaining on the bottom of the sell is being collected. The saltpans were the first industry of the Gozo Island and are known from the times of Roman Empire. During the centuries the salt was used as precious bartering currency. Nowadays, despite the abundance of modern technologies the salt is still being extracted in traditional way.

The “harvest” of the salt can reach 4000 tons in the peak of its production. After being collected, the salt is taken to the ware house where it is manually packed and distributed to numerous shops and supermarkets. By the way, salt is one of the most popular souvenirs that can be bought on Gozo island.


  • Shannon Grant

    2016.04.16 review from Foursquare

    There's a little shop in the rock next to the pans where you can buy salt from them from a nice old Maltese man

  • Shannon Grant

    2015.05.27 review from Foursquare

    Really neat, cute little shop in the hill you can buy salt from the pans at

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