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The cemetery located on Floriana Bastion is the last of four cemeteries adjoining the Floriana bastions which survived. Something is known of 530 people buried here, and the earliest of them dates 1806. The cemetery provides splendid views along the bastions and across to Manoel island.

The Floriana bastions were built in the 17th century and saw brief action on Napoleon's arrival in 1798, but after the French surrender in 1800, Protestant burials began in the area.

Most tombs are of British military personnel, civil servants, merchants and their families, some of whose descendants are still in Malta. While many of the tombs and inscriptions are incomplete, most of the large ones are in their original location. To aid access, several headstones have been placed along the surrounding walls. The cemetery was rarely used after 1856 when nearby Ta' Braxia cemetery was opened, and not at all after 1887.

The cemetery was bombed during World War II. This damage, as well as erosion of the soft stone over two hundred years, theft and vandalism had left the site derelict when, in 1988 the Government of Malta made a decision to restore tombs where possible and open the gardens to the public. In 1993 restoration work began, and now is largely complete.

To the right of the entrance are a pair of George III cannon, each weighing four tons, a reminder of the bastions' original purpose.

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