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Next to St Catherine Church a new monument to Jean de Valette was recently located. This place is just in a few meters away from the city’s foundation stone, which he laid with his own hands in 1566. Nowadays, after the widescale construction works, this place became a new square called Pjazza Jean de Valette. And the Grand Master’s monument is standing right in its center.

The statue was created by the local sculptor Joseph Chetcuti. He depicted Jean de Valette as in times when the city’s founder occupied the position of the 49th Grand Master of the Order of Malta. The Grand Master is represented wearing his armour under a tabard, with his right hand holding the city plan and his left hand lying on the victory sword. His statue is standing on a pedestal which is made in the form of the Maltese Cross, and it seems to be caught in motion, as if the Grand Master is going to make a big step. Thus, the sculptor wanted to add specific character to the statue of the person who actually led Malta through the sieges of Ottamans. Mr. Chetcuti rendered Jean de Valette as gallant and string-willed person, with his figure towering above all the obstacles. The statue is made of silicon bronze material. Its weight is 750 kilos, and its height is 2,5 meters. 

Jean Parisot de Valette was a French nobleman, a real warrior and winner in his heart. He fought against the Turks as a Knight Hospitaller. As the Grand Master he fought the Ottamans. It was him who gave people and soldiers their hopes and who led people to victory. He laid the Valetta’s foundation stone right in the place where Turkish army had died. And he was the one who lead people to their new lives. Jean de Valette died when Valetta was only in the process of construction so he didn’t have a chance to see it completed. Anyway he stayed deeply in hearts of Valetta’s locals and his spirit will be living in this city forever.

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