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Whether being a diver or just an admirer of spectacular marine views you should visit the Inland Sea, one of the most picturesque locations in Gozo area, situated near Dwejra bay. This water basin, sometimes also called Qawra in Maltese, is a seawater lagoon which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by a tunnel through a natural arch opening.

Since the tunnel is wide enough to allow some small boats to come through it when the weather is fine, you can see some of these boats in the inner side, afloat or moored to the stony beach. The lagoon bottom is not deep near the bay and passing away from the shore you can see pebbled or rocked sights under water for quite a long distance. You can also see a lot of small fish in shallow parts of the sea. But when you move towards the open sea the bottom gets deeper and deeper. The average depth of the Inland Sea is about 18 meters, reaching in certain places deeper points: from 25 to 60 meters depth.

The Inland Sea is really popular among divers. When the weather is good and waters are calm, divers can make a great dive along the tunnel. The underwater canyon is about 80 meters long. The views of underwater in those places are fantastic. Cliffs from the both sides are almost vertical having some fissures inside, also vertical ones. They are richly covered with various marine life.

The tunnel and surroundings of the Inland Sea are considered to be the best dive site in Malta. Moreover, some divers say that this place is one of the best diving points in the world. For example, Jaccques Cousteau admitted that diving in the Inland Sea was among 10 best dives of his life. However, the tourists who are not keen on diving will enjoy visiting the Inland Sea as well. They can take a boat and make a sightseeing tour from the water or choose a rambling tour and walk around the cliffs. In any case, it would be very wise to take a camera with you because the sights which will be opened in front of your eyes will simply amaze you.

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  • Tatiana B.

    2015.07.26 review from Foursquare

    Rocky beach, not for swimming. It's more a passway to caves.

  • Blondy Anny

    2014.09.11 review from Foursquare

    The best diving place on Gozo! The caves and blue hole is amazing. Take a boat for a sightseeing tour.

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