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In search of breathtaking views you should go to Malta’s Western coast where you will find the Dingli Cliffs, located near the Dingli Village. The highest point among all the islands of Malta is situated there – 253 meters above sea level. Extending from the shoreline to the Dingli Village The Cliffs are massively wide and they stretch for more than 2 kilometers from Bahria and to Mungar.

You will see unbelievable Mediterranean sights by taking a boat trip or hike. In certain places the cliffs are really sharp, in others they stream down into the sea. Geological layers of soil can be seen on several spots. From any point of the cliffs you will see a small uninhabited islet named Filfla, a home to rare varieties of flora and fauna.

Despite challending conditions for agriculture on such landscape, local people found ways to develop it. They had only narrow strips of the ground suitable for cultivation, but nevertheless agriculture was thriving for several centuries interrupted by periods of pirate threat and numerous assaults. Even caves of the cliffs were used for agriculture purposes by the most inventive locals. They used ladders or similar constructions to go into the caves, camouflaged them with branches and greenery leaving the caves alone. Today you can still see some fields at locations nearby.

While visiting Cliffs you should take a walk along the edge in the evening time. You will observe unforgettable open sea sunset views. Don't forget to walk till a St. Mary Magdalene chapel, also located right on the edge of the cliffs. This is the chapel which marks the highest point of the islands.

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  • Aprile Elcich

    2015.09.13 review from Foursquare

    Eerily quiet out here.

  • Zhanna

    2015.08.29 review from Foursquare

    Nice for sunsets

  • Dan Colceriu

    2014.08.23 review from Foursquare

    You can walk from Rabat, don't bother about the bus. On the way you can eat grapes, peaches and figs from the road. Stay for the sunset at the cliffs otherwise it's pointless

  • Vladimir Penkin

    2013.12.01 review from Foursquare

    Amazing view

  • Stijn Destoop

    2013.11.07 review from Foursquare

    The 12km walk is really worth it. Great views! Sometimes bit dangerous cause of hard paths

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