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The Blue Grotto is one of the most famous natural places of interest in Malta. It attracts more than 100.000 tourists annually from different countries due to its unique structure, and marvelous landscapes: pure sea water of bright blue color, rocky coastline and high sea waves on windy days. The visitors arrive here in order to contemplate the panorama of the Vale Wied Iz-Zurrieq, steep rocky shores, natural arches, tunnels and caves united in a gigantic labyrinth.

This unique geological object is situated in the south-western part of the island with rocky coastline and comprises the complex system of six caves. The depth of the most profound one is 45 meters. The Blue grotto is famous mainly because of the unusual chemical structure of the water that comprises a lot of different minerals – that is why the sea has this unusual bright blue color. It is so pure that you can see every stone and shell at the bottom. The depth of the sea is approximately 4-5 meters.

Originally it was just a Maltese fishing village, but in the years 1950 the British soldiers arrived here. They were impressed by the unusual color of the sea water and often asked the fishermen to take them here on their boats. The Soldiers nicknamed this nature object «The Blue Grotto», by analogy with La Grotta Azurra, situated in Capri, Italy. Since that time this place has become one of the most famous nature sights of Malta and it is perpetuated in lots of souvenirs and postcards. In 2004 the Grotto became a world famous object due to the shooting the scene from the film «Troy»starring Brad Pitt.

You can reach the caves only by boat – the excursions are organized every day from 9 a.m up to 16.30 p.m if the sea is calm. The duration of an excursion is about 25 minutes. If the weather is sunny pink, violet, green and orange hotspots can be seen reflecting off the water on the walls of the grotto. This fascinating view can be seen every day from the sunrise up to meridian. A camera in highly advised to be taken there – you will definitely be disappointed if you don't have one at hand.

This place provides excellent opportunities for practicing different kinds of sport activity besides swimming – rocky coasts are an ideal place for climbing and pure sea water will be definitely appreciated by those who are keen on snorkeling or scuba diving.

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  • Gabriella Dalos-Kovács

    2016.04.07 review from Foursquare

    no boat trip today. wifi free possibility step in wifi. no password required.

  • Steve Crm

    2015.10.13 review from Foursquare

    Awesome view. Worth 8 euros!

  • Lydia Berkennou

    2015.10.05 review from Foursquare

    Avoid all the tourist trap and hop on the boat (only way) to see the deep blue of the sea.

  • Gulshara

    2015.09.02 review from Foursquare

    Amazing View!

  • Gyozo Nagy

    2015.08.25 review from Foursquare

    It is nice but the boat trip is like a rush.

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