Top Malta beaches

Blue Lagoon

1. Blue Lagoon

On the small spot between the Comino and the Cominotto islet a marine paradise can be found. This is the Blue Lagoon – a wonderful place with completely transparent and pure waters of cyan colour. Great number of tourists come here by boats daily to have a rest in one of the most picturesque places of the world.

Gnejna Bay

2. Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is a popular tourist spot located in the Western part of the Maltese island near the village of Mgarr. It is attractive for the visitors due to the comfortable and clean sandy beach, picturesque panoramas and lots of facilities.

Golden Bay

3. Golden Bay

The Western Coast of Malta is famous for its three most popular sandy beaches – Golden Bay, Gnejna Bay, and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Golden Bay is the biggest, the most popular and the most crowded of all. Despite the abundance of visitors, the beach is very clean and well-conditioned. It provides a lot of facilities for the tourists to feel at ease.

Mellieha Bay

4. Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay is located on the south-western coast of Malta that is famous by its numerous sandy beaches. This area got its name from the Maltese world “melh”, which means “sault”. Local habitants used to extract it from the sea water.

Ramla Bay

5. Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay and its beach are situated in a fertile vale in the northern part of Gozo island. The name of the bay is translated from Maltese language as “red sandy beach”.

Sliema Beach

6. Sliema Beach

On Tower Road a broad expanse of large smooth sandstone rock slabs bordering the sea becomes a summer 'beach' with metal handrails giving safe access for bathers. Alternative swimming and sunbathing is offered by a number of seafront lidos, both on Tower Road and on the point of the peninsula.

St. George's Bay

7. St. George's Bay

St George`s Bay has the most popular artificial sandy beach of St Julian`s town. Originally it was rocky, but the local government filled this territory with lot of sand bought abroad. The beach is rather small and it is very popular among the tourists, so it is almost always crowded.

Tuffieha Bay

8. Tuffieha Bay

Tufflieha Bay is located in the north-western part of Malta not far from the village Manikata and Golden Bay. The nature here is more wild and untouched and the bay will please its visitors with fascinating views. Tufflieha beach is rather crowded during the tourist season.