Top Gozo landmarks


1. Victoria

As it is said on Malta, all roads in Gozo go to its capital, Victoria, or Rabat as it is often called by locals. The city consists of the antique Citadel town and old Rabat town. Nowadays the population of Victoria amounts to about 7000 people. The island capital received its name in 1887 when the jubilee of the Britain’s Queen Victoria was celebrated.

Gozo Cittadella

2. Gozo Cittadella

Gozo is the second biggest island of Maltese archipelago located in its north part. It is very popular among the tourists due its picturesque villages, cathedrals, sparkling sea and to the unique historical monument – Citadella located in the very centre of the island.

Inland Sea

3. Inland Sea

Whether being a diver or just an admirer of spectacular marine views you should visit the Inland Sea, one of the most picturesque locations in Gozo area, situated near Dwejra bay. This water basin, sometimes also called Qawra in Maltese, is a seawater lagoon which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by a tunnel through a natural arch opening.

Ggantija Megalithic Temples

4. Ggantija Megalithic Temples

Ggantija is the oldest and largest complex of the world renowned megaliths of Malta. This impressive and mysterious construction made of huge rustic stones and giant blocks attracts thousands of tourists, who are interested in archeology and history. Constructed in the Neolithic era more than 5000 years ago, this complex belongs to the World Heritage sites along with five other megalithic temples of Malta and Gozo islands.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

5. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Cathedral of the Assumption is a Roman Catholic church in the Cittadella of Victoria in Gozo.It is built in Baroque architecture, and its groundplan has the shape of a Latin cross.

Wied il-Ghasri (Ghasri Valley)

6. Wied il-Ghasri (Ghasri Valley)

Wied l-Għasri, the Ghasri Valley, is a marvelous place on Gozo for a country walks or bike ride, especially in winter and spring. A staircase cut into the rock leads down to a tiny shingle beach at the head of the inlet. Wied il-L-Għasri is very popular with divers who like to explore the surrounding underwater caves. The very narrow and secluded bay is also a haven for those who seek a quiet bathing area.

Sanap Cliffs

7. Sanap Cliffs

Sanap Cliffs are one of the hidden secret spots on Gozo. Situated on the southern coastal side of island, which is its one of the highest points. The cliffs offer a magnificent view, especially at sunset all the way to Xlendi bay.

Fungus Rock

8. Fungus Rock

The Fungus Rock is a 60-meter high islet located beside the Azur Window, in about 60 meters away from the Gozo mainland. If you look from the sea, the limestone rock lies practically at the entrance to Dwejra black lagoon and right in the middle of the bay’s flanges. It has an inside aperture which creates amazing water reflections besides the islet. The Fungus name the rock received after the plant used as a medical cure at those times was found there.

Salt Pans

9. Salt Pans

In some areas of the Malta and Gozo islands the stone coast looking like a curious checker-board network can be found. Although the networks looks rather strange, its origin and destination is rather clear – it was created for the collection of sea salt.

Xlendi Bay

10. Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay is a small, but picturesque tourist spot located in the southwestern part of Gozo island. It has small pebble beach, surrounded by cliffs that make it very picturesque. Due to its small size the beach may be crowded in summer times. The sea surrounding it is rather calm, shallow and warm, so this place will be safe and suitable even for the families with small children.