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Located at Floriana, a fortified town in the South Eastern Region of Malta, the St.Philip’s Garden was named after the bastion it is standing on. The garden’s landscape partially repeats the outlines of this bastion, constructed as a triangular fortification, differently called a ravelin. Having specific local atmosphere the St.Philip’s Garden, formerly known as the General’s Garden, is definitely worth visiting it.

As the St.Philip’s Garden is located right next door to the Argotti Garden, one of the oldest gardens on Malta, in 1941 it was annexed to the latest as one of its private sections. Still St.Philip’s Gargen has its own charm and peculiar objects. Thus, to get into the lower St. Philip's gardens you need to go down the ramp, which was built for the outer Floriana railway station. The station itself has never been constructed afterwards. And as to the underground tunnel, which passed under the gardens, it has operated till 1931. There are many points in the garden somehow connected with that tunnel.

When you walk down along the ramp you will see an arched gate and a raised ceiling door. It is interesting that this door was operated by the mechanism of chained pulley. The parts of the mechanism can be seen there even today. When the door was closed it could be opened only from the inside. Being down the ramp you will see there another mysterious door too. This door led to the underground station platform.

If you go to the end of the garden you will find yourself on the terrace with great historical views. From this terrace you can observe a view of the Portes des Bombes area, the only possible way to Valletta’s outer fortifications, and the Fausse Braye area, the outer defenses themselves. It was right under this terrace that the underground tunnel located and a regular train passed by to its destination.

Visiting the St.Philip’s Garden its guests should definitely see the fountain located in the center of the site. Inaugurated in 1615 this fountain was built to celebrate the construction of the Wignacourt aqueduct. Built for the order of the Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt, initially the fountain was located on St.George’s Square in Valletta. It was transferred to the garden in the beginning of the 19th century when the British decided to free space of the main square for the walking parades. The fountain, being practically a piece of art, was created amazingly beautiful. It consists of three basins made in the form of seashells strung on the core with four wonderful up-tail dolphins.

The St. Philip's Garden itself is a great oasis which seems to be created for pleasant and silent walks along its wide passages and numerous plants. Walking along the garden lanes you breathe in aromas of citrus trees and cypress growing beside numerous fascinating decorative trees. The walls of the bastion simply sink in wonderful roses bloom. This place would become a perfect destination to have a calm and peaceful rest both for the city’s guests and locals.

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