St. Mary Magdalene Chapel

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Saint Mary Magdalene Chapel is a Roman Catholic chapel located in picturesque place on Dingli cliffs, that's why its is also called "il-kappella tal-irdum" which is "chapel of the cliffs" in Maltese.

The date of construction of the chapel is not known, but the oldest reference to the building was made in 1446.The chapel was in a state of disrepair by 1575, and it later collapsed. It was rebuilt in 1646, which was commemorated by a Latin inscription above its doorway. The chapel was used by farmers who lived in nearby farms.

Chapel was several times hit by lightning during a thunderstorm but restored afterwards.

St. Mary Magdalene Chapel has a simple design, typical of Maltese wayside chapels. It has a rectangular structure, with its façade containing a single doorway and a circular window. A Latin inscription is located just above the door, while a slab originally containing a coat of arms is located above the window.

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