Balluta Bay

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A small beach in Balluta Bay is popular among the tourists. It is located near a lively promenade that is a favorite place of walk among the guests and habitants of Malta.

The bottom of the bay is sandy, but the beach is covered with plain stones that are rather comfortable for lying. The crystal clear water is very warm and ideal for swimming, practicing water sport and snorkeling. The fans of scuba diving will also appreciate this place. There are numerous cafes and small restaurants along the promenade.

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  • CaliGirl Sava

    2015.07.31 review from Foursquare

    Sandy beach! Beautiful view. The sea has a beautiful color. Steps make you feel like you are at the stage and audience is watching u!!!

  • Doris

    2015.05.06 review from Foursquare

    There are stairs for the people who don't like to sit on the rocks or the sand. The view is nice.

  • Pawlu Sultana

    2014.06.01 review from Foursquare

    Lovely bay

  • Lasma Zvirgzdina

    2013.10.26 review from Foursquare

    Beautiful as always

  • Margarita Malta

    2013.10.12 review from Foursquare

    Nice part of the promenade and good residential complex Balluta terrase quite where we can rrlax after tge loud music of Paceville

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